Think Outside the Studio Box

Think Outside the Studio Box

Spring is here, summer’s coming. The weather is prime for shooting outside in NYC. It’s also a prime time to do street casting, outdoor sessions, and castings just about anywhere because casting technology allows us to go mobile and be there.

In the past, street casting, outdoor sessions, and casting at on-site venues were time consuming and casting rates were exceptionally high. We needed to record to a card, upload all the videos and then download them to post. Not anymore!

Introducing “Casting Anywhere” by Brooke Thomas Casting

Brooke Thomas Casting can now take on your street casting, outdoor and onsite sessions for even lower rates than a traditional studio session. New casting software and technology allows us to record and post immediately, bypassing the use of a card and cumbersome uploading process. We can also now come to you as well, at your location. If your budget is tight, we can prep a session and run our casting in your facility using our own equipment and posting services.

The mobility of casting at the places of your choosing - from the street to the park to your conference room -  has never been easier and more efficient, so contact us. We’re ready to go mobile. “Casting Anywhere” is here, brought to you by Brooke Thomas Casting.