I have been casting for over 25 years and seen many changes occur in the commercial casting world.  The outcome of a couple of SAG strikes and the rise of more improvisation and “real people” have changed the commercial casting world for the better, in my view.

3 Trends in Commercial Casting 

Three of the latest trends are also positive and can only make things better for producers and their clients. Among them...

1.     The SAG Low Budget Digital Waiver. If you have a commercial budget under $50,000 the Low Budget Digital Waiver allows you to hire SAG talent for Internet and New Media commercials.  There are no set rates – all talent fees are negotiable.  This allows producers to get great SAG talent for the same rate you would pay non-union. For more info click here . 

2.     Many SAG actors are opting to change their union status to Fi-Core . This allows them to work on both union and non-union projects.  Casting non-union gets even better when you can get SAG quality talent. The union is not too keen on this and that’s pretty much why the SAG Low Budget Digital Waiver came to fruition.

3.     Several of the big name commercial talent agencies are now working on non-union projects. Yep that right. These commercial talent agencies are now taking breakdowns for non-union gigs and submitting their Fi-core and non-union talent. This is thrilling from my perspective. These agents who I have known for years and value their eye for talent are now able to work with me on non-union gigs.

Hope you’re aware of these trends in the commercial casting industry. 

Happy casting!


Brooke Thomas Casting