The casting is over, callback completed and your client has made its choices. You are ready to book your talent for the commercial. This is the most important step in the casting process as there are many details that need to be agreed upon so there are no problems down the production road. The devil’s in the details!

Non-Union Bookings

Producers: Here are some things to remember when booking NON-UNION talent:

  1. If you need a fitting, don’t assume it’s free. Talent must be compensated something for their time. Offering even $50 is sufficient.

  2. Be clear on how many hours you are booking the talent for. Generally an 8-10 hour day is acceptable. Anything over that should be stipulated and overtime pay should be considered.

  3. Once the talent is booked, if you want to cancel them, you should offer a cancellation fee.

  4. When the talent is confirmed you should receive a booking sheet from the casting director with all the talent contact information.

  5. It is the responsibility of production to contact talent with call-time and location.

  6. Any contract or release should be shared with talent or the talent agent prior to the shoot so there are no issues on set.

  7. If booking children you must obtain a work permit for each child. If the child is represented by an agent or manager, they will usually work with the parent to assist in obtaining one. If the child is not represented, production is responsible for obtaining.

  8. Children must have a Coogan account (Trust) in place prior to obtaining the work permit.

Union Bookings

Some things to remember when booking UNION talent:

  1. At the time of the booking all useage will be confirmed and any additional options, such as print, negotiated.

  2. Once you book the talent, should you want to cancel them you must pay a cancellation fee. The SAG/AFTRA cancellation fee is paid at the same rate as the session fee for each day the performer was booked.

  3. The producer does have the right upon 24 hours notice to postpone the job to a mutually acceptable date within a period of 15 working days from the original date. If the job is postponed a half session fee is paid. In the event the job does not take place in the 15 working days another half session fee is paid.

  4. When the talent is confirmed you should receive a booking sheet from the casting director with all the talent contact information.

  5. Generally the casting director is responsible for completing and filing the Station 12 (SAG/AFTRA clearance) and if necessary any Taft Hartley’s needed.

  6. Once the talent is confirmed the stylist is free to contact talent regarding wardrobe and fitting.

  7. If booking children the talent agent will work with parents on obtaining the work permit and Coogan account information.

Hope this helps. Happy casting!

- Brooke