When a producer contacts a casting director to cast talent for a TV commercial, there are two types of information exchanges. The first is what I characterize as a "preliminary spec" and it includes the production details that allow a casting director to give a cost estimate for the job. This includes the basic requirements of the casting, like the project/brand name, shoot date, number of actors, union or non-union and the like. 

The second exchange is about the talent.  Age, gender, ethnicity, personality type, a visual look, and even special skills of the talent is understood here in the context of the brand and the creative vision of the director for the commercial. Everything from the objective talent requirements to the subjective traits of the character personality is conveyed. The storyboard or copy from the commercial is also helpful in getting the casting director on the same page as the producer/director, too. 

To make this initial exchange of information simple, I've placed it on the web as an option for producers on the Send the Spec page. Existing producer clients or new ones can of course contact me by phone or email. But to get the ball rolling with the casting without the need for multiple phone calls and numerous emails, producers just might want to try this simple form.